Thursday, 6 October 2016

London#8 Freak Gallery.

OK guys. A couple days ago I went to the National Portrait Gallery, or as the tittle says, the Freak gallery. (By the way if the photos don't load, then click in the white frame where it looks like there should be a photo, then another window will pop up and show the photo. Because other wise this blog makes no sense.)

This guy forgot his pants.

She forgot to count to five. (How many people get that joke? I will give two hints. One of the objects she is holding, and Monty Python.)

He wants to be a giraffe.

I want to be... A CAKE!

I forgot my pants and I am a giraffe, HA!

I too want to be a cake.

Wait, are we being cakes or pantless?

Mommy! I want to be a girl, 
no George, you will do great things as a man,
ok mommy.
So what if I forgot my pants, For I am KING GEORGE!

I am a NINJA!

Ah! I don't have a shirt on.





AHA! I found long johns.

Hope you found this funny. And have a great day.

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