Sunday, 23 October 2016

Luxury Castle

Well I know I haven’t posted a blog in a while, but it wouldn’t have been a very good one, although I can’t really promise anything.

Anyways, I have been staying at a castle for the last few days, at it has been awesome, and it is not your standard castle that most of you guys a thinking of. It is nice a cozy and only contains a few ghosts. We have been given an entire wing to ourselves, which is amazing, because we have a bathroom to ourselves, which is nice, because then you can just leave your toothbrush out and other small luxuries like that. But the part that I love the most is the bathtub. It’s you classic Vitoria age bathtub (with pluming of course) that you just sink and you are never seen again. Probably the nicest bathtub that I have been in (besides my grandparents bathtub (a.k.a. the ocean)).

The people a very nice and there are these Mexicans that make very creative and wonderful suppers each night. Last night they made a wonderful chocolate cake, which is saying a ton because I am not much of a cake man.

But it has been great so far been playing with a two other kids which is a nice change because most of the time I am the youngest one.

But anyways I am having a very pleasant time and I will update you guys if anything exciting things happen.

Have a day great guys.

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