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Nero Wolf Reviews

Recently I went on an audio book binge, specifically Nero Wolf by Rext Stout. Which is a mystery book placed from 1940-1970, there are at least 72 books. So here is a list of the and what there about. Warning there will be some major spoilers so I suggest that you just stop reading this and go listen to them now, because there hilarious, and very creative, and also give you some old time feels.

 First I guess I should tell you about the main characters.

Nero Wolf
He is one of the two main characters that the books revolve around, he is 270 pounds and is an eccentric genius with a perfect bating score when it comes to detecting. He also never leaves his house on business, and rarely ever leaves it at all.  This is where Archie Goodwin comes in, he is the eyes and ears of Nero Wolf.  His favourite is yellow and he also owns 10 thousand orchids and is in the top 80% tax bracket.

Archie Goodwin
Nero Wolf’s left and right hand, and also the writer of all the books, without him Nero Wolf would never have been able to work as he does. He has quick wit and knows his ways around the ladies, an essential and great part of the book.

Lilly Rowan
Archie’s most permanent girlfriend, who is rich from her father’s will and helps Archie and Nero on numerous occasions.

Possible the most important member of the household, the chef, he is the best chef in New York, and possibly the best in the world, he and Nero often are found in the kitchen discussing food.

Saul Panzer
The best operative in New York besides Archie Goodwin, and often help in gathering information.

Fred Durkin
A very capable, but not the best, but as long as he is given the right jobs he’ll get it done and he knows his own capabilities.

Orry Cather
A showy guy and thinks he would look better in Archie job that Archie is. But still one of the best.

In the best Families
This is a very important one in the plot of all the books, Nero ends up getting compelled to destroy his enemy, Mister Zek (ruler of a major criminal industry).

Murder By the Book
4 people end up getting murdered all because a lawyer doesn’t want his career ruined.
Might As Well Be Dead
A Father comes to ask Nero to find his son who has disappeared and it ends up that the son has recently been convicted of murder and Nero has to find the real murderer.

Homicide Trinity
A set of three small stories.

Death Time Three
A set of three small stories.

Death of A Dude
Archie went on a holiday to Lilly Rowan’s house in the country side, but one of his friends is convicted of murder and he goes around trying to find facts to clear him, but nobody will tell him anything, but when all looks lost Nero leaves his house to get Archie’s friend out of jail.

A Family Affair
A man comes to Nero Wolf’s house late at night and asks to see him but Archie says it can wait till morning and Archie takes him up to the guest room but before Archie can go to sleep the man dies. And it turns out that one of the three helpers did it.

Champagne For One
A party is held with 4 ladies and 4 gentlemen, and one lady ends up being poisoned but because everybody knew she carried the poison they thought it was suicide, only Archie’s word stop the police from saying it’s suicide.

Black Orchids
Two stories, one how Nero gets the black orchids the only ones in the world, and the second, when a lady dies they show up on her coffin.

And Be A Villain
A man is killed while 10 thousand people are listening and the radio people want it solved.

A Right To Die
A black man quotes a speech Nero made 10 years ago and asks for Nero to look into a background a the girl his son is going to marry. But then that girl is murdered and his son in convicted Nero suddenly has a much harder job.

Some Buried Caesar
Archie is driving Nero to an orchid convention but the car crashes and they end up getting sent head first into a murder case.

And Four to Go
4 seasonal stories

Death Of A Doxy
A woman is killed and Orry is taken to jail but Saul says he’s innocent and Nero has to get him out.

Fred comes with a friend in need of help and then it turns out that there are two murders involved.

 A man is murdered at a chess tournament and a man is convicted but his daughter says he’s innocent and is willing to pay 22 thousand.

Black Mountain
Nero Wolf’s oldest and best friend is killed and Nero has to go back to his home country to catch the murderer.

The Doorbell Rang

 A woman come to Nero Wolf and puts down 100 thousand dollars (and that’s just a retainer) and ask Nero to get the FBI off of her back.

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