Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Edinburgh vs. Edinburgh vs. Edinburgh

            Map comparison. Today my mom told me that I have to blog about the differences between two maps of Edinburgh, it won’t be very interesting unless you are into these things so I don’t precisely suggest it.
The maps we will be comparing will be from 1827 vs. one from 1780 vs. one from 1891, so not many years difference only 47, but you will see it does change quite a lot. Also you should probably look up a map of Old town and New town Edinburgh if you haven’t been there before.




Edinburgh (1780)
Edinburgh (1827)
Edinburgh (1891)
The first thing you will notice, is that there is a lot gardens, one of the main reasons being that new town wasn’t finished yet, and wouldn’t be until another 50 years. Meaning there was less population, allowing more land per family.
There is still quite a lot of green.
This map was drawn 64 years after New town was finished. At the completion of New town it would have likely drawn in more people, rich and the poor, and the rich. The rich would’ve wanted new prime land, where all the other richies lived (New town was made for the rich to get away from the poor), and the poor because the would’ve been able to move into the vacant spots that the rich left, meaning they would be closer to the castle, which they believed that meant safety. Also over time as Edinburgh prospered people would have been drawn together.
This map shows Old town and New Town, although at the time New Town was just a plan. It also has part of Arthurs Seat, which is a large hill that gives you a great view of the city.
This map does not show the area of New town, it only just shows the first street. It focuses more on the bottom part.
You can also see that this map does a bigger are than other two, and now includes Leith and other suburbs.
This map is made without colour.
This one they have brought in green for the large parts of greenery, it is either pale because of age, or perhaps they did not have a good colouring.
This one they have a much stronger green because it is a much more recent, I believe it is a copy of and older one.
`This map has quite an extensive legend, in fact in takes up almost 1/3 of the map.
This one has no legend at all, although the map creator might have written it on the back, or perhaps another sheet of paper, this way they had more space to map out on.
This one is the same as the 1827 map.
This map uses shading to repesent the height, as you can see the castle in on a sheer hill.
This one also uses shading.
This one appears to use contour lines, or perhaps they do not do it at all. It quite hard to tell, comment if can tell. I am not sure which.
Another thing you will notice, is that the is quite crowded. There many lines, putting in every small detail.
While on this map we have a much simpler map, but this also occurs because it only has a slight part of the city, instead focusing on the countryside.This one two become quite simple, and less cluttered then the 1780s map.

Well thank you guys for reading this.

Have a nice day.

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