Wednesday, 11 May 2016

One day late...

Oops. Forgot to do another blog yesterday.

But here it is.

After my last blog we went on this chase for a 1000 year old tree. We stopped to look into a church but it turned out that it was locked. We then continued on the path. It was very beautiful. There was foresters, but they were doing selective cutting. We then met a woman and asked her where it was. She showed us, because she was already planing on a long walk (she had a very fast pace). It turned out that in the last two years they had very bad storms, so it had fallen down. Oh well.
We then walked back along the road. The people who did the road decided they would get a real kick out of watching tourist walk long distance. The sing said 2km so that aint to far right? Well we walk a km and we see another 2km, we then walk another km and see the town. I feel like Irish don't know how to do distances.
We then walked back home.

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